History of TSA

The history of TSA starts with the partition of sub-continent in 1947 when countless families were left without land, home or income. To mitigate this distressful condition, the west Pakistan Christian Council (Now National Council of Churches in Pakistan – NCCP), requested the Canadian Anglican Church providing personnel help by sending the Swiss couple brother and sister Mr. Friedel Peter and Miss Elsa Peter to form and direct the Technical Services Association (a non governmental organization – NGO) was registered with the government of Pakistan as a charitable organization in 1963.

TSA is an ecumenical organization and all services provided by it are irrespective of religion, cast, color or creed.
In Pakistan, TSA is the first Christian organization to work for the marginalized agro-urban women and their families, to uplift them socially, economically and to make them self- reliant. For some women and their children, who have been deserted by the husbands, TSA earnings have meant that it is possible to educate and feed their children.  For some other women, it has meant more facilities and amenities of life in their homes.
These needy women not only generate income for their families through needlework but also generate self- respect and self-worth which have been so often denied to the women in Pakistan.

TSA is known for its beautiful products because of the quality skills its workers have been taught by TSA Vocational Training Program. TSA Craft Development and Production Project concentrates more and more on High-Class Embroidery and Hand Knitting.

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